Each week we'll be cooking up a fee delicious curry options served with rice for just $15 & we'll always have something vegan 🌱

Available every Tuesday for pick-up only!

Order online or stroll down and order through our window, they'll be hot & ready!

coming up Tuesday August 3

- Tom yum Jackfruit curry, with galangal, lime leaf, and fried eggplant

- Jungle curry of Slow cooked Pork Shoulder, with cherry tomato, green chilli and pickled green pepper corn


Tuesday to Saturday / 5pm - 9pm
Order online for pick-up & local delivery

Closed / Sunday & Monday


We've made the decision to not partner with a delivery service provider. We’ve developed our delivery service so that the task of delivery can be given to team members who were let go or those who are on visas and cannot access financial support or gain employment elsewhere. In addition to this, the fees and commissions charged by these providers are extremely high, which is ultimately damaging and unsustainable for the hospitality industry. At a time like this we are conscious as to who we partner with.

For Bang Bang orders and any other of your favourite restaurants or cafes, go to them direct, skip the apps! Give them a call, try their website or get outside and walk to them if you can. Your buying choices will support local businesses, in sending a message to these delivery providers, that they cannot take advantage of the hospitality industry, which is trying so hard to stick around.