Let a little Bang Bang into your life and cook up a storm at home!

Challenge yourself to make our Pad Thai just like we do. Let us know how you go.

5ml Canola Oil
1/4 Red Onion
1 x Garlic Clove
5g Dried Long Red Chilli
2g Fresh Red Chilli
30g Grated Palm Sugar
15ml Fish Sauce
15g Tamarind Paste
5ml Canola Oil
1 Free Range Egg
120g Fresh Deveined Prawn Tails
100g Bean Sprouts
20g Chopped Garlic Chives
150g Flat Rice Noodles (soaked)
5g Shrimp Paste
5g Pickled Sweet Daikon
1-2g Salt Cured Duck Yolk
5g Fried Shallots
5g Fried Garlic Chips
10g Roasted Peanuts (skin off)
1 Lime Wedge
• Add the onion, garlic and chillis to a food processor and blend into a paste.
• Add the canola oil to a heavy based pot and fry the paste on a moderate heat until fragrant.
• Grate the palm sugar, turn the heat down and add the sugar to the pan. Stir until melted.
• Stir in the tamarind paste and fish sauce. Take off the heat and set aside.

• Place a wok, or large pan on a moderate heat. Add the canola oil, then the egg.
• Scrambled the egg roughly, then add the prawns, stirring intermittently.
• Add the noodles and the shrimp paste, plus a 5 ml splash of water to incorporate.
• Add the Pad Thai sauce and pickled daikon, stir through thoroughly.
• Now add the bean sprouts and garlic chives and take the pan off the heat.
• Plate up and top with peanuts, fried shallots, garlic chips and grated duck yolk.
• Serve with a fresh lime wedge and a side of chilli flakes if desired.

• For the Pad Thai Sauce use a vegan fish sauce. (Available at Astee Asian Grocers)
• Remove the egg, shrimp paste and duck yolk from the recipe.
• Replace the prawns with 120g of diced firm tofu.